In Order to comply with Bapepam Regulation No. IX. 1.5, Guidelines on the Establishment and Implementation of the Audit Comittee, since the year 2001, the company has established an Audit Comittee. The current composition of the Audit Committee are the folowing :

Prof. Dr. JB Sumarlin – Chairman
Company’s President Commissioner since 2009 and Professor of Economics at the University of Indonesia since 1981. Former positions : Member of the National Consultative Assembly (MPR) in 1972-1997, Minister of Administrative Reform/Vice Chairman of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS) in 1973-1983, Minister of National Development Planning/Chairman of BAPPENAS in 1983-1998, Minister of Finance in 1998-1993, and Chairman of Supreme Audit Board (BPK) in 1993-1998.

Rahmat Adisutikno Halim
With working experience as Finance Manager at PT Danayasa Arthatama (1990 – 1995) , Finance Manager at PT Buanagraha Arthaprima (1995 – 2012) , Finance Director of PT Sari Graha Arthatama (2005 – 2013) , Director of PT Bukit Lentera Sejahtera (2011 – present).

Tatang Sayuti
Born in Bandung, and achieved Bachelor of Accounting degree from the State Academy of Finance of the Department of Finance in 1969. He had worked as Head Representative of Financial and Development Supervisory Board of West Sumatera Province for the period of 1990 – 1995, and as Head of Directorate of SOE Supervision for Plantation and Forestry of the Central Financial and Development for the period of 1997 – 1999. Currently, in addition to holding the position of Audit Committee member at PT Jakarta International Hotels & Development Tbk, he also holds the position of Audit Committee member in other Public Companies.