The Company and its subsidiaries’ business activities consist of hotel ownership and operation, real estate development and management, telecommunication services as well as hotel management services.

Hotel Ownership and Operation
The Company owns two hotel units, namely Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and Ritz Carlton Pacific Place through its subsidiary, PT Danayasa Arthatama.

Real Estate Development and Management
PT Danayasa Arthatama (as a subsidiary) is engaged in real estate development business and services that comprised of the construction of office buildings, shopping mall, and trade centers along with their supporting facilities; the lease of office buildings and rooms, and shopping mall complex units along with their supporting facilities; the provision of infrastructures and facilities for integrated commercial centers construction, commercialization and development; as well as the provision of general services with the exception of legal and financial services.

Telecommunication Services
The telecommunication services which developed and operated by PT Artha Telekomindo, a subsidiary of, PT Danayasa Arthatama, have reached beyond Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) into Batam and Balikpapan. The telecommunication services consist of providing telecommunication service management (TSM), closed fixed network, internet service providers (ISP) and its features, data center and managed services.

Hotel Management Services
PT Dharma Harapan Raya (DHR), the Company’s subsidiary was established in and has been operating since 1998 and until now, PT DHR manages and operates Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Discovery Hotel & Convention Ancol, dan Palace Hotel Cipanas.


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