Internal Audit is established based on Decree of Chairman of Capital Market and Financial Institutions Supervisory Agency (BAPEPAM-LK) No. Kep-496/BL/2008 dated November 28, 2008 regarding the Establishment and Guidelines for Internal Audit Charter. The Company’s Internal Audit is appointed by and reports directly to the Board of Directors under direct of the Board. As such, Internal Audit is responsible to assist the Company’s management to work systematically, help the Board in its supervisory function over the review and evaluation on of risk management, control and good corporate governance.

Internal Audit also has an important role to ensure the effectiviness of Company’s internal control within the respected business scope. The coordination is conducted by supervising and evaluating financial and operational aspects within Company’s business scope. To assure the implementation of internal control system, Internal Audit’s main objective will ensure that all financial and operational aspects has been performed in accordance with Company’s standard regulations.

Profile of Internal Audit
Based on Board of Directors’ Decree Number 035/DIR/JIHD/VII/2009 dated July 8, 2009, the Company appointed Budianto
Tirtadjaja as Internal Audit Chief whose tenure is at the pleasure of the Board of Directors’ decision.

The Company has appointed Budianto Tirtadjaja as Internal Audit Chief since 2009. He is an Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta on January 11, 1956. He achieved his Bachelor Degree in Accounting of Vocational Education Graduated from State Exam (held in STAN – Indonesian State College of Accountancy) in 1980. He has participated in several training and seminars in both domestic and abroad, among others, concerning Internal Audit, Fraud, Tax, Administration and Forensic Audit which useful to implement his professional duties within the Company. His professional career started since 1975 as an Accountant. In accordance with his career development, he joined PT Satelit Palapa Indonesia in 1993 as Head of Internal Audit . He joined the Company as Vice Chief of Internal Audit (1998-2002) and Audit Committee member (2002-2008). He is also member of Audit Committee in PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk since 2008 until present.