Introducing “El Padrino – Steakhouse”: A Culinary Journey through Spanish-Mediterranean Delights

Jakarta, September 2023 – Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, together with renowned culinary artist Andrea Parestu is proud to announce the grand opening of the latest gastronomic venture, “El Padrino – Steakhouse”. The restaurant is set to open its doors to the public on September 26, 2023, promising an exceptional dining experience that celebrates the rich flavors of Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine.

“El Padrino – Steakhouse” is poised to redefine the culinary landscape with its captivating concept. Distinguished for its specialty in gourmet dry-aged steaks grilled over charcoal wood, the restaurant marries the authenticity of traditional Spanish-Mediterranean fare with contemporary culinary craftsmanship.

“El Padrino – Steakhouse” objective is to serve delicious tapas, pasta, and classic Spanish specialties. These meals are precisely prepared to highlight tastes and freshness while highlighting the finest local and high-quality ingredients. El Padrino’s carefully crafted range of wines and drinks reflects the restaurant’s traditions and values.

Located on the lobby level of Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, “El Padrino – Steakhouse” invites visitors to an authentic Spanish dining decorated with rustic wooden furniture. The ambiance is a great combination of comfort and luxury, encouraging guests to go on a sensory trip.

The grand opening of “El Padrino – Steakhouse” is the turning point in the culinary scenes. The restaurant, which is open everyday from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm, can seat up to 99 people in its main seating area and also offers private dining. The restaurant is a great location for every event, whether it’s a family gathering, an intimate dinner, or an exclusive event.

Join us in commemorating the opening of “El Padrino – Steakhouse” by honoring the rich history of Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine beautifully created by Chef Andrea Peresthu.

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